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Iraq/Iraqi Kurdistan: Further information on Incommunicado detention/fear of torture/forcible expulsion/fear of forcible return and new concern: "disappearance"

, Index number: MDE 14/011/2000

Brothers Karim and Kamran Latif have been released, reportedly on bail. Sadiq Nikbin is said to have been moved to a prison controlled by the PUK security and intelligence service, Dezgay Zanyari. A Palestinian, ‘Isam Samir ‘Awda, has been held since 24 July, reportedly because his brother is an IWCP member. PUK security forces are said to have arrested nine more IWCP members: Falah Ahmad; Saman Sattar; Sardar Mohammad; Na'ib Fa'iq; ‘Omar Mohammad; Faridun Hussain Zadah; Azad Ahmad; Bakhtiar Nadir and Anwar Nuri. Their whereabouts are now unknown. There is still no information about the fate and whereabouts of Kuchar, Nidhal Ahmad, Shazin Heersh, the 12 women who were sheltering in a women's refuge in Sulaimaniya, as well as all those who were arrested on 21 July and 10 August. The PUK listed 16 IWCP members they said had never been arrested. Among them were eight people who have appeared in this UA: Kawa ‘Abdullah, Amanj ‘Othman, Yusuf Mohammad, ‘Ammar Sharif, Taha Baha al-Din, Tahar Hassan, Saman Karim and Fu'ad Sadiq.

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