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UA 313/93 - Iraq: fear of torture / fear of death penalty: 'Abd al-Karim Hani, Majid Adham, Jassem Mukhlis, Sufian Mukhlis

, Index number: MDE 14/008/1993

The above people were arrested in August as part of a wider crackdown in the the aftermath of the Gulf War, targeting sectors traditionally thought to be loyal to the regime, the majority of whom are Sunni Arabs. Those detained include retired army officers, prominent economists and lawyers, and former government officials. 'Abd al-Karim Hani is a former Minister of Labour and Social Affairs, Majid Adham, a prominent expert in Iraq's oil sector, Jassem Mukhlis is a well-known lawyer from Tikrit, Sufian Mukhlis is his cousin. None of the above were known to have been associated with any opposition movement. Their fate and whereabouts remain unknown, and there is grave concern for their safety.

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