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Iran: Further information on Death penalty / fear of imminent execution

, Index number: MDE 13/085/2006

At the end of July, the Supreme Court reportedly upheld the death sentences against Nazem Bureihi, Mohammad Ali Sawari, Yahia Nasseri, Abdulzahra Helichi and Abdul-Imam Za'eri. Amnesty International is concerned that they are at risk of imminent execution. Twelve men, including the above, have been sentenced to death for bombings in Ahvaz and they are: Dr Awdeh Afrawi aged 52; Nazem Bureihi; Aliredha Salman Delfi; Ali Helfi; Jaafar Sawari; Risan Sawari, teacher; Mohammad Ali Sawari, teacher; Moslem al-Ha'i; Abdulredha Nawaseri ged 31; Yahia Nasseri; Abdulzahra Helichi; and, Abdul-Imam Za'eri.

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