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Iran: Further information on fear of torture / legal concern / fear of death penalty

, Index number: MDE 13/026/1997

Hojjatoleslam Fu'ad Fujian, Hadi Dhakeri, Hojjatoleslam val muslimin Sheikh Mohammad Amin Ghafoori, and others including seven students; Released: Hojjatoleslam val muslimin Sayed Hossein Fali, Hojjatoleslam Mohammad Saleh Hedayati, Hojjatoleslam val muslimin Mohammad Taqi al-Dhakeri, Imadeddin Sultan Ali Saberi (new name): Amnesty International has learned of the release of the four men named above. However, there is still concern about the legal status of the others named above, who may be at risk of torture and ill-treament, and who may be prisoners of conscience, held on account of their relationship to, or peaceful support for, Grand Ayatollah Shirazi.

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