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Iran: Human rights violations against Shi'a religious leaders and their followers

, Index number: MDE 13/018/1997

Serious and widespread human rights violations continue in the Islamic Republic of Iran. Since 1979 victims have included a broad range of political opposition from members of left-wing groups to monarchists, as well as ethnic and religious minorities. There has also been a pattern of restrictions placed on Shi'a religious leaders and the arrest and detention of their followers. On numerous occasions, Amnesty International has sought clarification of the reasons for the arrest and detention of such people, and their legal status. The organization has called for the immediate and unconditional release of prisoners of conscience; for prompt and fair trials of political prisoners; for impartial investigations into allegations of torture and ill-treatment; for the prosecution of anyone found to have been responsible for abuses; and for compensation to be given to victims of torture or ill-treatment.

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