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Further information on UA 286/93 (MDE 12/12/93, 24 August; and follow-up MDE 12/12/93, 15 September) - Egypt: death penalty: Ramadhan Mostafa Mohammad Hassan, 'Ali Fayed Mayhub, Sayyid 'Abd al-Raziq, Hisham Mohammad Mas'ud (sentenced in absentia)

, Index number: MDE 12/022/1993

Ramadhan Mostafa Mohammad Hassan, 'Ali Fayed Mayhub and Sayyid 'Abd al- Raziq were executed on 3 November 1993. They had been tried and sentenced to death by the Supreme Military Court on 21 August 1993, even though they were civilians. Hisham Mohammad Mas'ud was sentenced in absentia and there is no further information regarding his whereabouts.

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