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Egypt: Further information Death Penalty/Unfair trial/Risk of imminent execution

, Index number: MDE 12/014/1999

Ahmad Ibrahim al-Sayyid al-Naggar, Ahmad Salama Mabruk, Shawqi Salama Mustafa ‘Atiya, Muhammad Hussein Muhammad ‘Abd al-Daim, Sharif Muhammad Fu'ad Hassan Haza'a, 'Abd al-Ghafur Muhammad 'Abd al-Qadir Farihat, Nabil Na'im ‘Abd al-Fatah Muhammad, 'Abd al-Mun'im Gamal al-Din 'Abd al-Mun'im, 'Abd al-Gawad Mahmoud ‘Amer al-‘Abadi, On 18 April 1999 the Supreme Military Court issued its verdict in the so-called "Returnees from Albania" trial. None of the above has been given the death sentence despite demands by the prosecution for this. Ahmad Ibrahim al-Sayyid al-Naggar is, however, still at risk of imminent execution as a result of an outstanding death sentence from a previous trial (see EXTRA 53/98).

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