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Egypt: Further information on health concern / possible prisoner of conscience: 'Adel Hussein

, Index number: MDE 12/004/1995

'Adel Hussein, arrested on 24 December 1994, has been released.

EXTERNAL (for general distribution) AI Index: MDE 12/04/95
Distr: UA/SC
19 January 1995
Further information on UA 07/95 (MDE 12/02/95, 11 January 1995) - Health Concern
/ Possible Prisoner of Conscience
EGYPT 'Adel Hussein, opposition leader, journalist
Amnesty International has learned that 'Adel Hussein, arrested on 24 December
1994 in connection with his alleged association with al-Gama'a al Islamiya
(Islamic Group), has now been released.
No further action by the Urgent Action Network is required. Thank you to all
who sent appeals on this case.

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