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UA 156/94 - Bahrain: torture / medical concern: Mohammed Jamil 'Abd al-Amir Al-Jamri, 'Abd al-Jalil Khalil Ibrahim, Seyyid Ja'far Al-Alawi, Ali Ahmed Jassim Al-Dayri, Nabeel Baqir

, Index number: MDE 11/005/1994

There is concern at reports that political prisoners in Jaw Prison no 1, including those named above, were tortured after a radio was discovered during a cell inspection on 9 April. They were then transferred to Al-Qala'a Prison where they are being held incommunicado, and where it is feared the torture is continuing. Some were transferred to hospital for urgent medical treatment, before being returned to Al-Qala'a Prison. In protest, at least 16 other political prisoners held in the prison began a hunger-strike on 9 April. Several of them were subsequently transferred to hospital following a deterioration in their condition.

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