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Bahrain: Further information on fear of torture / medical concern

, Index number: MDE 11/001/1998

Shaikh 'Abd al-'Amir Mansur al-Jamri, Shaikh Hassan Sultan, Shaikh 'Ali Ashour, Shaikh 'Ali bin Ahmad al-Jeddhafsi, Shaikh Hussein Al-Deihi, Hassan Meshema'a, Sayyed Ibrahim Adnan al-Alawi, Abdul Wahab Hussein: According to reports, Shaikh 'Abd al-Amir Mansur al-Jamri, currently detained at al-Qal'a Prison in al-Manama, has at times been denied his regular supply of medicines required for his high blood pressure, back and respiratory problems. This is reportedly in order to force him to sign an undertaking that he will not engage in any political activity against the government if released. He is said to have refused to sign the undertaking. Amnesty International fears he may be at risk of further medical neglect. It is thought that these prominent Muslim Shi'a leaders and religious figures are now allowed visits from their families. Amnesty International considers the above-named to be prisoners of conscience.

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