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UA 18/94 - Bahrain: fear of forcible exile: Ahmed Hussein Akbar 'Abbas

, Index number: MDE 11/001/1994

Ahmed Hussein Akbar 'Abbas, a Bahraini national, was forcibly exiled from Bahrain on 19 January 1994 after being held at the airport for 12 days. He was first exiled from Bahrain in 1982, when he was stripped of his papers and expelled to Iran. On his return to Bahrain in September 1993 with his Lebanese wife and children, he was reportedly interrogated and beaten before being expelled to Lebanon. He was only given temporary residence there. On 7 January 1994 he returned to Bahrain, and he and his family were again expelled to Lebanon on 19 January. Before his expulsion, he was reportedly threatened that if he returned to Bahrain again, he would be put on a boat to Iran.

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