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Women in the Middle East: Human rights under attack (includes correction)

, Index number: MDE 01/001/1995

This report covers 17 countries in the Middle East and North Africa (and Sudan). It is one of a series of AI reports on the human rights of women in different parts of the world. It shows that whenever there is conflict, either between or within countries, women figure largely among the victims, suffering detention, rape, torture and death, although their suffering often remains hidden. It shows, also, that women in the region are organizaing to defend their rights and those of their families, to protest against violations and to campaign for justice, equality and freedom. In some countries women are at risk because of the activities and affiliations of their male relatives; in others, women face imprisonment, cruel punishments and even death under laws which discriminate against women in may areas of life. An appendix details selected international human rights treaties ratified by countries covered in this report.

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