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Equality by the year 2000? Amnesty International's recommendations for the Fourth UN World Conference on Women's Platform for action

, Index number: IOR 41/006/1994

The Fourth United Nations (UN) Conference on Women will be held in Beijing in September 1995. It will produce a final document, the Platform for Action, on the themes of equality, development and peace. This paper contains AI's recommendations for the Platform for Action. AI believes that the Platform for Action should focus on practical steps which governments will implement to ensure a real and measureable advance in the condition of women everywhere in the world. This document includes AI's recommendations on the following areas affecting women's rights: universality and indivisibility of women's human rights; ratification of human rights instruments; implementation of international human rights standards; women's activists; violence against women; women and armed conflict; refugee and internally displaced women; human rights education; development assistance; and integration across the UN system.

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