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A call for UN human rights action on Rwanda and Burundi

, Index number: IOR 41/002/1994

In this document AI sets out its recommendations for urgent and coordinated human rights action by the UN on both Rwanda and Burundi. A special session of the Commission is to be held on 24 and 25 May. AI is calling on this special session to: (i) appoint Special Rapporteurs on Rwanda and Burundi to visit the region within days; and (ii) urgently send the Commission's own thematic experts to work with the Special Rapporteurs in investigating the situation. AI recommends that the Commission calls on other UN bodies, as well as the OAU to: (i) strengthen the human rights provision in the Arusha Peace Accords; (ii) establish an effective human rights presence in Rwanda; and (iii) ensure close UN/OAU cooperation. AI calls on the Commission to send a message to the international community that it must strongly support (i) the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights in developing a long-term human rights program for these countries; (ii) the establishment of independent, impartial commissions of inquiry; and (iii) effective steps to bring human rights violators to justice.

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