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Federal Republic of Yugoslavia: Further information on Possible extrajudial execution/repression of media/ Fear for safety: Slavko Curuvija

, Index number: EUR 70/044/1999

Miodrag Perovi , Nebojša Red i , other Yugoslav and foreign journalists/media workers. Amnesty International remains deeply concerned for the safety of independent journalists in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, as new reports of repression of the media emerge. On 24 April 1999, Miodrag Perovi , the founder of the Montenegrin independent weekly magazine Monitor and the independent radio station Antena M, reportedly went into hiding after an unsuccessful attempt by the Federal Yugoslav military authorities to deliver an arrest warrant to him. The exact nature of the charges contained in the warrant is not known. It appears, however, that Miodrag Perovi 's refusal to obey requests of the Yugoslav Army to stop transmitting foreign broadcasts, including those of the BBC and the Voice of America, and the criticism which his media outlets have levelled at the Yugoslav Army and police operations in Kosovo province, are the motive behind the authorities' actions.

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