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Federal Republic of Yugoslavia: Further information on possible prisoners of conscience / legal concern / ill-treatament / health concern / prisoner of conscience

, Index number: EUR 70/038/1996

Dejan Bulatovic; and new names: Gojko Baletic, actor, Lambros Hutelidis: Dejan Bulatovic saw his lawyers on 10 December and reportedly told them that he was beaten by police on his arrest. His lawyers reportedly noticed bruises and injuries to his face and neck and two broken teeth, although the Justice Ministry denied that he had been ill-treated by police. At his trial he was sentenced to 25 days' imprisonment and his request to be defended by a lawyer was allegedly refused by the magistrate. On 11 December Gojko Baletic, a Belgrade actor, was arrested and beaten in the street by police. On 30 November Lambros Hutelidis was reportedly arrested and sentenced to 25 days' imprisonment.

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