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UA 447/94 - Yugoslavia (Kosovo Province): ill-treatment / torture of teachers: Rexhep Ahmeti, Bujar Naxhiu, Luljeta Sefaja, Sami Rama and Avdie Haxhiu, all teachers in the town of Kosovska Mitrovica

, Index number: EUR 70/030/1994

On 13 December 1994 police reportedly entered a building where pupils of the Architect Sinani secondary school in Kosovska Mitrovica were having lessons. The pupils were ordered to leave. The police then reportedly beat teacher Rexhep Ahmeti and forced him to burn a sociology book by a Croatian author. They also beat another teacher, Bujar Naxhiu, and forced the English teacher, Luljeta Sefaja, to burn an English text-book. The next day, police reportedly entered a house where pupils of another secondary school were being taught. They reportedly beat and ill-treated teacher Sami Rama and reportedly hit maths teacher Avdie Haxhiu.

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