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Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (Kosovo Province): Shefki Mursel Latifi

, Index number: EUR 70/028/1995

Shefki Mursel Latifi, aged 56, an ethnic Albanian from Podujevo town in Kosovo province, was arrested on 4 July 1995. At the time he was working as a cashier for a local "financial council", an unofficial organization created by ethnic Albanians to distribute funds for the purposes of administration, schooling and humanitarian aid. It appears that his arrest was related to his work there. According to a report by a local human rights organization, he was badly beaten by police during his arrest. He was then released but on the way to the medical clinic police arrested his brother-in-law Ramadan Salihu and reportedly beat him also. Shefki Latifi died shortly after attending the medical clinic. Amnesty International is calling for a full and impartial investigation into his ill-treatment and subsequent death.

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