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Further information on UA 412/94 (EUR 70/26/94, 24 November) - Yugoslavia (Kosovo): fear of torture / ill-treatment: Ramadan Ndrecaj, Rexhep Oruci (note corrected spelling), Salih Sokoli, Avdi Mehmedoviq, Haki Mehmeti, Ali Mehmeti, Blerim Olloni, Sejfulla

, Index number: EUR 70/027/1994

Rexhep Oruci and Salih Sokoli, along with Xhemail Haxhimustafa, Gani Mullabazi, Shaban Dana, Osman Vuciterna and Bajram Mexhuani have been charged with "endangering Yugoslavia's territorial integrity". They are accused of having created paramilitary forces with the aim of obtaining Kosovo's secession from Yugoslavia. Shaban Dana was reportedly tortured by police in Prizren and Ramadan Ndrecaj is apparently still in hospital, under police guard.

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