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Further information on UA 178/93 (EUR 70/10/93, 2 June; and follow-ups EUR 70/11/93, 14 June; EUR 70/12/93, 22 June and EUR 70/14/93, 7 July) - Federal Republic of Yugoslavia: legal concern / ill-treatment: Vuk Draskovic, Danica Draskovic

, Index number: EUR 70/016/1993

Vuk and Danica Draskovic were released from custody on 9 July 1993, after Serbian President Milosevic signed an official presidential pardon, overruling a decision from the Belgrade Supreme Court earlier the same day to reject an appeal to release the couple filed by a 10-member medical committee. The charges of incitement to riot with which they had both been indicted were dropped, but Vuk Draskovic is still charged with assaulting a police officer. It is unclear at present if and when he will be tried. Because of their poor medical condition, Vuk and Danica Draskovic remain in the Neurological clinic in Belgrade.

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