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Further information on EXTRA 21/94 (EUR 70/07/94, 12 April) - Yugoslavia: torture and ill-treatment / trial concern: Ismet Mahmuti, Faik Ajeti, Shemsi Veseli, Salih Mustafa, Ismet Veliqi, Avdi Behrami, Ilaz Gashi (note corrected name) (held in Kosovska M

, Index number: EUR 70/014/1994

The trial of the above-named men began on 20 July 1994. They are charged with having undertaken military training in Albania in 1992 and 1993 in preparation for obtaining by force the secession of Kosovo from Yugoslavia. The defendants have reportedly made statements to the court about the alleged ill-treatment used to extract their confessions. The court has refused a request by their lawyers to have the statements of the accused withdrawn on grounds that they were allegedly obtained by force.

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