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Federal Republic of Yugoslavia: Further information on ill-treatment / fear of extrajudicial executions

, Index number: EUR 70/012/1998

Ethnic Albanians in Kosovo province. The following are feared to have been unlawfully killed: Ahmet Ahmeti, Gani Ahmeti, Elmi Ahmeti, Hames Ahmeti, Driton Ahmeti, Naim Ahmeti, Lumni Ahmeti, Shemsi Ahmeti, Basri Ahmeti, Elhami Ahmeti ("Ahmeti" can also be spelled "Ahmetaj"), Behram Fazliu, Shaban Muja, Muhamet Islam Gjeli, Rukije Nebiu, Xhemsi and four brothers from the Sejdiu family: The situation in Kosovo province remains tense. Ethnic Albanian sources report that the death toll may exceed 25. The most serious allegations come from the village of Likošane near Glogovac town where witnesses claim that up to 10 male members of the Ahmeti family and two other men from Gradica were summarily executed by police there 28 February. In another incident in Likošane a 70-year-old man, Muhamet Islam Gjeli, was also reportedly killed. In Cirez village, those killed reportedly included Rukije Nejbiu (a pregnant woman) and her husband Xhemsi, and four brothers from the Sejdiu family. It is also alleged that In Priština that at least 150 people allegedly sought medical attention after police used force to break up an ethnic Albanians' demonstration on Monday 2 March.

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