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UA 178/93 - Federal Republic of Yugoslavia: legal concern / ill-treatment: Vuk Draskovic, Danica Draskovic, Dragan Milicic, Liljana Lasic and about 30 others

, Index number: EUR 70/010/1993

On 1 June 1993 some 30 people were arrested following an anti-government demonstration in Belgrade. They included Vuk Draskovic, the President of the Serbian Renewal Movement (SPO), his wife Danica, Liljana Lasic, Vice- President of the SPO, and Dragan Milicic, a parliamentary deputy for the SPO. According to eye-witnesses both Draskovic and his wife were badly beaten by police. The next day, a hospital doctor who had treated Vuk Draskovic the night before, stated that he had suffered a broken jaw and possible internal injuries.

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