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UA 40/93 - Yugoslavia (Serbia and Montenegro): Ethnic Albanians in Kosovo province in the Republic of Serbia

, Index number: EUR 70/002/1993

Ethnic Albanians in Kosovo province have reportedly been severely ill- treated by police searching their homes ostensibly for arms, or, following these searches, in police custody. AI has received accounts of the following incidences of ill-treatment which occurred in the first week of February 1993 when "arms searches" took place in villages in the Pec, Vitina, Decane and Klina areas: the beating of Dervish Berisha by police in Pec; the ill-treatment of Enver Matallari and his 72-year-old father in Vitina police station; the beating of Jeton Berisha, aged 14, in Klina police station, to force him to state that his father possessed arms; the beating of Ymer and Osman Jagoda in Klina station; the beating of three members of the family of Asllan Abdyli by police in Pec.

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