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Macedonia: "Disappearance" of Hajredin Halimi, ethnic Albanian

, Index number: EUR 65/002/2006

Amnesty International is concerned about the "disappearance" of Hajredin Halimi on 7 August 2001, and is seeking information from the Macedonian authorities about a "special committee" investigating the case and urging the Macedonian authorities to bring the perpetrators to justice. That day Musafer Halimi, Hajredin Halimi, his brother Fikri Halimi and his nephew Elam Halimi were taken to the Gazi Baba police station. Musafer Halimi was sentenced for association with the NLA, but was released following a presidential pardon. Fikri and Elam Halimi were released on 9 August 2001. The fate of Hajredin Halimi remains unknown.

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