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Croatia: Fear for safety / fear of ill-treatment

, Index number: EUR 64/011/1996

Frane Gugo and Damir Bumber, Bosko Simic, Ivan Velic, Jurica Babic, Senka Bule, Andrija Simic, Slavka Maricic, Marija Jelencic, Natasa Maric, Ana Simic, Marija Jelic, Marija Goles, their families, and others: AI is concerned for the safety of scores of people living in apartments previously owned by the former Yugoslav National Army in Split, who are believed to be at risk of imminent violent eviction from their apartments. On the occasion of similar evictions in the past, civilian and military police in Croatia have refused to intervene to protect civilians and the authorities have made available information about the tenants of such apartments to the perpetrators. On 17 June 1996, the Gugo family was forcibly evicted in Split. Military police were called to the scene, but refused to intervene on the grounds that civilians, rather than soldiers, were involved. AI fears that other violent evictions may occur as the leader of the group which carried out the eviction, a war veteran, was in possession of a list of other families with up to 28 addresses.

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