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UA 378/93 - Bosnia-Herzegovina: deliberate and arbitrary killings / "disappearances" / fear of arbitrary detentions: Muslim civilian population in central Bosnia

, Index number: EUR 63/022/1993

There have been reports of a massacre on 23 October 1993 of 80 Muslims in the village of Stupni Do, south of the town of Vares in central Bosnia. Most of the victims are said to have been civilians. Survivors have alleged that masked Bosnian Croat soldiers (HVO), attacked the poorly defended Muslim village, throwing bodies into burning buildings and raping women. A groups of about 120 villagers were reportedly taken away by the HVO, and their current whereabouts are unknown. Soldiers of the United Nations Protection Forces (UNPROFOR) gained access to the village on 26 October and confirmed atrocities had taken place. Croat forces also allegedly ransacked Datanska, and there is concern for the safety of 233 Muslims held in detention at Vares.

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