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Further information on UA 278/94 (EUR 63/16/94, 19 July) - Bosnia-Herzegovina: fear of ill-treatment / fear of deliberate and arbitrary killings: Sulejman Skokic, Kemal Skokic, Halid Adanalic, Esad Adanalic, Avdo Adanalic; and new names: Halid Velagic, Om

, Index number: EUR 63/017/1994

AI has learned that Sulejman Skokic, Halid Velagic and Omer Alibegovic and possibly all the others were forcibly sent by the Bosnian Serb armed forces to the front line at Lopare to dig trenches or fight. Halid Velagic and Omer Alibegovic were reportedly wounded by a grenade and taken to hospital. Halid Velagic has since returned to Janja. No further information about the fate of the men is known to AI. Reports have been received that a curfew is in force in Janja and that those who break it risk arrest or execution. The same report claims that Bosnian Serb military officials, after having arrested and taken away Muslim men, have allegedly returned to these homes and raped the women. Reports received by AI indicate that forcible expulsion of Muslims from Bjeljina may be continuing.

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