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Further information on EXTRA 47/93 (EUR 63/12/93, 14 May; and follow-ups: EUR 63/14/93, 28 May; EUR 63/15/93, 20 July and EUR 63/16/93, 23 July) - Bosnia-Herzegovina: Deliberate and arbitrary detention of civilians / deliberate and arbitrary killings / fe

, Index number: EUR 63/017/1993

The Supreme Commander of the Croatian Defence Council (HVO) claimed in a letter to the Croatian Foreign Minister, Mate Granic, that the HVO had gradually been releasing the captured Moslems in large groups. However the release of all those detained has not been confirmed. On 30 July the Guardian, a British newspaper, reported that about 500 had been released and deported to Croatia. They are now in refugee camps on Obonjan island. There is concern for the fate of the remaining detainees. There is also concern at atrocities allegedly committed by Bosnian Croats in central Bosnia, including the recent deliberate and arbitrary killing of some 22 people in the village of Doljani, near Jablanica, on 28 July, who were caught in an ambush as they fled the fighting.

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