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EXTRA 47/93 - Bosnia-Herzegovina: deliberate and arbitrary detention of civilians / deliberate and arbitrary killings / fear of torture and ill- treatment: Civilian population in Mostar and in villages in central Bosnia- Herzegovina

, Index number: EUR 63/012/1993

Since the outbreak of fighting in mid-April 1993 between Bosnian Croatian and Bosnian Government forces seeking control over territory in central Bosnia and in Herzegovina, there have been reports of severe human rights abuses commited by both sides. These include reports of the detention by Bosnian Croatian forces of the Croatian Defence Council (HVO) of as many as 2,00 people, the great majority Muslim civilians, in the town of Mostar. Bosnian Croatian officials in turn claim the detention of about a 1,000 Croatians by Bosnian Government forces in the areas of Zenica and Konjic. Other alleged abuses include the harassment of Roman Catholic nuns and priests, and the extrajudicial execution of Croatian soldiers and civilians by Bosnian Government forces and Muslim irregulars.

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