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Further information on UA 390/92 (EUR 62/04/92, 10 December) - Uzbekistan: legal concern (please note change of concern): Abdumannob Pulatov

, Index number: EUR 62/006/1992

AI has learned that Abdumannob Pulatov is reportedly being held in an investigation-isolation prison in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, charged with "infringement upon the honour and dignity of the President". The charge apparently relates to his involvement with the newpaper Mustakil Khaftalik, produced in Moscow by the Birlik movement, of which Pulatov is a member. An issue of the newspaper published in early 1992 apparently contained a picture showing a caricature of the President of Uzbekistan. AI considers Abdumannob Pulatov to be a prisoner of conscience who should be released immediately and unconditionally.

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