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Turkmenistan: Further Information on Fear for safety/incommunicado detention/medical concern: Khalmurad GYLYCHDURDYEV (m), aged 64; New name: Zhenet GYLYCHDURDYEVA (f), his daughter

, Index number: EUR 61/006/2004

Khalmurad Gylychdurdyev was returned to his family by officers of the Ministry of National Security (MNS) on the night of 26 June. He said that Amnesty International's involvement had helped secure his release. On 25 June Khalmurad Gylychdurdyev's daughter Zhenet Gylychdurdyeva was dismissed from her work as a senior inspector at the Ministry of Internal Affairs, where she had worked since 1989. She was told that she had been dismissed because she had failed to tell the Ministry that her father had been arrested. She said that she would have told them about his detention, but as he was held incommunicado she did not have any confirmed information about his arrest and his whereabouts.