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Tadzhikistan: Hidden terror: political killings, "disappearances" and torture since December 1992

, Index number: EUR 60/004/1993

Since the eruption of factional violence in May 1992, civil war has left up to 20,000 people dead and displaced over 600,000 people in Tadzhikistan. This paper describes AI's concerns about violations which have taken place since December 1992. These include: alleged political killings (Muso Isoyev, Shogunbek Davlatmirov, the Rizvonov family; extrajudicial executions and killings at Varzob state farm; the "disappearances" of Rakhmatsho Khushbakhtov and Makhmadrakhim Mamadrizobekov; indications of a shoot-to-kill policy by law enforcement officials; capital punishment for the possession of firearms; the alleged torture of Mirbobo Mirrakhimov, Akhmadsho Kamilov, Khayriddin Kasymov and Khurshed Nazarov; and evidence of torture prior to extrajudicial execution.

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