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Tajikistan: Imminent danger of execution

, Index number: EUR 60/003/2001

Valijon Aliboyev and Saidumar Sharipov are believed to be facing imminent execution. Their only hope is that the President grants clemency.

PUBLIC AI Index: EUR 60/003/2001
EXTRA39/01 Imminent danger of execution 29 June 2001
TAJIKISTANValijon ALIBOYEV (aged 45), Saidumar SHARIPOV (aged 23)
Valijon Aliboyev and Saidumar Sharipov are believed to be facing imminent
execution. Their only hope is that the President grants clemency.
Saidumar Sharipov and Valijon Aliboyev, an ethnic Uzbek, were sentenced to
death on 24 November 2000 by the Supreme Court of Tajikistan. Saidumar Sharipov
and three co-accused, Saidvali Zulfikorov, Rizvon Zioyev, and Nigora Gadoyeva,
were accused of a series of crimes including murder and robbery. Valijon Aliboyev
was accused of having taken part, with the others, in the kidnapping of a boy
in 1999 in order to extract money from the boy’s family.
The three co-accused were sentenced to prison terms of between 16 and 25 years.
There are reports that the family of one of the co-accused bribed the authorities
and he escaped a death sentence as a result. According to these reports, the
family of Valijon Aliboyev did not have enough money for a bribe.
According to Valijon Aliboyev’s wife, her husband was arrested in his flat
early in the morning on 11 May 2000. Reportedly, he was taken to the Ministry
of the Interior where he was kept for 18 days and beaten by law enforcement
When Mrs Aliboyev last visited her husband, on 5 June 2001, she found him in
poor health, his stomach was swollen and he was suffering pain in his kidneys.
Mrs Aliboyev told Amnesty International: "I am not saying that my husband is
not guilty. He should redeem his guilt in prison according to the law, but
he shouldn’t be executed. Please help me that my five children won’t lose their
Valijon Aliboyev and Saidumar Sharipov have reportedly applied for clemency,
but have not yet received a reply.
In the Criminal Code of Tajikistan, a former republic of the Soviet Union,
adopted in 1998, 15 crimes carry a possible death sentence. At least 38 people
were sentenced to death during 2000. According to international observers the
number of death sentences handed down in the first quarter of 2001 is three
times higher than in a similar period last year.
Information on the practice of the death penalty is regarded a state secret
in Tajikistan. The government does not publish comprehensive statistics on
death sentences and executions. Families often do not know whether their
relative is still alive on death row; they do not know where the execution
takes place and are not told where the body is buried.
RECOMMENDED ACTION: Please send appeals to arrive as quickly as possible, in
Russian, English or Tajik or your own language:
- urging the President to use his constitutional authority to commute the death
sentences handed down on Valijon Aliboyev and Saidumar Sharipov, as well as
all other death sentences that come before him;
- expressing sympathy for the victims of crime and their families, but pointing
out that the death penalty has never been shown to deter crime more effectively
than other punishments, and is brutalizing to all those involved in its
- urging for a prompt and impartial investigation into allegations that Valijon
Aliboyev was beaten after he was taken to the Ministry of the Interior on 11
May 2000, with the results made public and those found responsible brought
to justice, in line with Tajikistan’s obligations under Article 12 of the United
Nations Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading
Treatment or Punishment;
- urging that a moratorium be imposed on death sentences and executions pending
a comprehensive review of the death penalty.
(Please note that it can be difficult getting through to fax numbers in
Tajikistan. If a voice answers, repeat 'fax' until you hear the signal; otherwise
it is advisable to leave your fax machine on auto-redial if possible):
Emomali Sharipovich RAKHMONOV
President of the Republic of Tajikistan,
Respublika Tajikistan, g. Dushanbe, pr. Rudaki 80, Apparat Prezidenta
Respubliki; Prezidentu RAKHMONOVU I.Sh.; Tajikistan
Faxes: + 992 372 21 25 20 / + 992 372 21 18 37
Telegrams:Prezidentu Rakhmonovu, Dushanbe, Tajikistan
Salutation: Dear President Rakhmonov
Bobokhon Bobokhonov
Procurator General of the Republic of Tajikistan,
Respublika Tajikistana, 734043 g. Dushanbe, prospekt A. Sino, 126, Prokuratura
Respubliki; Generalnomu prokuroru; BOBOKHONU, B.; Tajikistan
Telegrams: Generalnomu prokuroru, Dushanbe, Tajikistan
Salutation: Dear Procurator General
Talbak Nazarovich NAZAROV
Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Tajikistan,
Respublika Tajikistana, 734051 g. Dushanbe, Rudaki 42, Ministerstvo
inostrannykh del; Ministru NAZAROVU T.; Tajikistan
Faxes: + 992 372 23 29 64 / 372 21 02 59 / 372 21 18 08
Ubaydulo A. DAVLATOV
Chairman of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Tajikistan,
Respublika Tajikistana, 734018 g. Dushanbe, ul. Negmata Karabayeva, d. 17;
Verkhovny Sud Respubliki Tajikistan
Predsedatelyu DAVLATOVU U.A.
Director of the prison where Valijon Aliboyev and Saidumar Sharipov are kept,
Respublika Tajikistana, g. Dushanbe, SIZO-1, Direktoru MAKHMUDOVU, F.;
Ambassador of the Republic of Tajikistan to Russia,
Rossiya, 121069 g. Moskva, Skatertny per. 19, Posolstvo Respubliki Tajikistan,
Poslu MIRZOYEVU R.Z., Russian Federation.
Faxes:+ 7 095 291 89 98 / + 7 095 290 61 02
and to diplomatic representatives of TAJIKISTAN accredited to your country.

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