Kyrgyzstan: Further information on: Fear of forcible return/ Fear for safety

By Amnesty International, , Index number: EUR 58/014/2005

On 29 July, 439 refugees from Uzbekistan were airlifted out of Kyrgyzstan to a holding centre in Romania, and over the next six months they will be resettled in countries that have offered them permanent protection. However, 15 Uzbeks are still detained in Kyrgyzstan, and the Uzbekistani authorities have issued extradition warrants on the basis of crimes the 15 are alleged to have committed. The Kyrgyz authorities have refused to transfer them into the care of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), and they are in imminent danger of being forcibly returned to Uzbekistan, where they would be at risk of serious human rights violations, including torture.

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