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Further information on UA 277/94 (EUR 56/07/94, 19 July; and follow-ups EUR 56/09/94, 18 August and EUR 56/10/94, 7 September) - Georgia: fear of torture / legal concern / medical concern: Zaza Tsiklauri, Viktor Domukhovsky, Mamuka Danelia, Zurab Bardzima

, Index number: EUR 56/011/1994

There remains concern for the health of a number of defendants currently on trial for a range of alleged terrorist offences, amid reports that they are not being granted appropriate medical care. Zaza Tsiklauri, reportedly suffering from tuberculosis was transferred to hospital, but has reportedly declared a hunger-strike together with Viktor Domukhovsky, for being excluded from the court proceedings. Zurab Bardzimashvili has ended his hunger-strike after the judge agreed to reverse the decision to separate his case from that of the other defendants. Another defendant, Omari Kochlamazashvili, is said to have suffered unspecified heart trouble on 13 September in court. Unofficial sources report that he had not been examined by 20 September and so was not receiving any medication. There is continued concern also at their prison conditions.

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