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UA 277/94 - Georgia: fear of torture / legal concern / medical concern: Zaza Tsiklauri

, Index number: EUR 56/007/1994

There are fears that Zaza Tsiklauri, one of a group of prisoners standing trial in Georgia on terrorism charges, may face further torture or ill-treatment after meeting a human rights activist in hospital at the end of June. He was transferred back to prison as a punishment, although there was no improvement in his medical condition following a 30-day hunger-strike. There is further concern that their trial may be unfair. Four men, Irakli Dokvadze, Petre Gelbakhiani, Gedevan Gelbakhiani and Viktor Domukhovsky who are facing charges carrying a possible death sentence, have alleged that their confessions were made under duress. Others have reported problems in obtaining defence lawyers of their choice.

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