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Georgia: Alleged human rights violations during the conflict in Abkhazia

, Index number: EUR 56/007/1993

There have been numerous serious reports of violations by Georgian armed forces in the context of the armed conflict in Abkhazia. There were allegations of arbitrary detention, hostage-taking and extrajudicial execution, with detainees often subjected to torture and rape. Amongst those detained were possible prisoners of conscience, ethnic Abkhazians Garri Anatolyevich Pilia and Taif Adzhba, who was allegedly beaten in detention. Other reports of torture include M K Dzhindzholiya, Murman Zadrovich Kvitsiniya, Sh.G Kverkveskiri and Ayba Sh. Lyutik. Those allegedly extrajudicially executed included L I Topuridze and B T Kvitsiniya. This report also notes allegations of abuses by Abkhazian forces, and examines the use of the death penalty. A list of recommendations is included

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