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Azerbaydzhan: Hostages in the context of the Karabakh conflict - an update

, Index number: EUR 55/012/1994

This document provides further information on cases of hostage taking described in "Azerbaydzhan: Hostages in the Karabakh conflict: civilians continue to pay the price" (EUR 55/08/93) issued in April 1993. It also contains information on new cases of hostage taking - Yolchu Akhmed ogly Gyoyushov and Ramazan Gasym ogly Mamedov; a group of 19 members of the Nukhiyev family; Georgy Sergeyevich Tumanyan; Olga Gareginovna Arutyunova (Arutyunyan). In addition it provides updates and further instances of the use of the death penalty in Azerbaydzhan, Armenia and the self-proclaimed republic of Nagorno-Karabakh.

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