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Lithuania: Further information on fear of imminent execution: Boris Dekanidze

, Index number: EUR 53/004/1995

AI has learned with deep regret that Boris Dekanidze was executed on 12 July 1995.

EXTERNAL AI Index: EUR 53/04/95
9 August 1995
Further information on EXTRA 52/95 (EUR 53/01/95, 12 May 1995) - Fear of Imminent
LITHUANIABoris Dekanidze
Amnesty International has learned with deep regret that Boris Dekanidze was
executed on 12 July 1995. Dekanidze's final appeal for clemency was turned
down on 11 May. However, on 17 May he received a stay of execution, as the
Public Prosecutor wanted to hear another witness in the case, who had been
arrested in Germany. In early June this witness was questioned by the Public
Prosecutor, who upon his return to Lithuania stated that there were no grounds
to revoke the death penalty against Boris Dekanidze. According to a Lithuanian
newspaper Lietuvos Rytas, Boris Dekanidze was executed on 12 July.
After Amnesty International had learned of the stay of execution, Regional
Action Network groups were asked to intensify their letterwriting by sending
faxes to the Lithuanian authorities after the above-mentioned statement of
the Public Prosecutor.
Thanks to all Urgent Action participants who sent appeals on behalf of this
case. If you want to express your regret at the execution, you may write a
final letter to the President of Lithuania.
Algirdas Brazauskas
President of the Republic of Lithuania
Gedimino pr. 53
2026 Vilnius
Republic of Lithuania
Faxes: +370 2 614544
Salutation : Dear President
Chairman of the Supreme Court
Pranas Kuris
Chairman of the Supreme Court
MTP 7, Gyneju 6
2725 Vilnius
Republic of Lithuania
and to diplomatic representatives of Lithuania accredited to your country.

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