Belarus: Further information on prisoners of conscience / fear of ill-treatment

By Amnesty International, , Index number: EUR 49/012/1997

Pavel Sheremet, journalist; Dmitry Zavadsky, journalist; Yaroslav Ovchinnikov, driver, (released) and new names: Anatoly Adamchuk, aged 22, journalist; Aleksandr Oganov, journalist; Valery Astashkin, journalist; Uladzimir Kostsin, journalist: On 15 August 1997 four more journalists, all employees of ORT, Russia's public television station, were detained on the Belorussian-Lithuanian border. Anatoly Adamchuk, Aleksandr Oganov, Valery Astashkin and Uladzimir Kostsin are being kept in solitary confinement in Lida, Grodno region. It is not known whether they have been charged with any criminal offence. Pavel Sheremet and Dmitry Zavadsky have remained in detention since their arrest on 26 July.

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