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Russian Federation: Armed conflict in the Chechen Republic: seeds of human rights violations sown in peacetime

, Index number: EUR 46/010/1995

This report on AI's concerns in the Chechen conflict contains information gathered from a variety of sources - journalists, alleged victims, other humanitarian organizations and local and federal local authorities. Russian troops entered the Chechen Republic in December 1994 and met armed resistance. Around 1500 Russian troops and unknown number of Chechen fighters have since died. Estimates of civilian deaths range from thousands to tens of thousands. Over 300,000 people have been displaced. In this report, AI expresses its concerns about violations including torture, deliberate and arbitrary killing of civilians, and use of the death penalty. Also discussed are the issue of conscientious objection and the violation of rights to freedom of assembly, association and expression. Alleged abuses by forces loyal to the Chechen Republic are also covered.

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