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EXTRA 78/94 - Turkey: fear of torture / fear for safety: Enver Simsek

, Index number: EUR 44/153/1994

Enver Simsek, a businessman, was detained at his shop in Batman on 15 December 1994 by three or four plainclothes police officers. They searched his house before taking him away. He is now being held incommunicado at an unknown location. He is believed not to be politically active. His father, Veysi Simsek, is said to have been killed in unclarified circumstances in a car accident in June 1994. Veysi Simsek had been a member of DEP, a party with largely Kurdish membership. DEP was banned in June 1994 for "separatism". There are grave fears for the safety of Enver Simsek.

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