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Further information on UA 360/91 (EUR 44/139/91, 29 October; and follow-ups EUR 44/150/91, 14 November and EUR 44/145/91, 6 November) - Turkey: fear of torture / health concern / fear of "disappearance": Huseyin Toraman

, Index number: EUR 44/152/1991

EXTERNAL (for general distribution) AI Index: EUR 44/152/91
Distr: UA/SC
21 November 1991
Further information on UA 360/91 (EUR 44/139/91, 29 October 1991) and follow-ups
EUR 44/150/91, 14 November 1991 and EUR 44/145/91, 6 November 1991 - Fear of
Torture/Health Concern/Fear of"Disappearance"
TURKEY:Hüseyin Toraman, aged 24
It is now 25 days since Hüseyin Toraman was taken into custody by three
plainclothes police officers outside his home in _stanbul on the morning of
27 October 1991. The arrest has been confirmed by three witnesses and officers
from the local police station at Kocamustafapa_a who had been called to the
scene by a neighbour who suspected that Huseyin Toraman was being kidnapped.
However, all relevant police authorities denied holding him when his parents
and lawyers made inquiries as to his whereabouts.
During the last week there have been two separate confirmations that he has
been seen alive on the sixth floor of Istanbul Police Headquarters at Gayrettepe,
most recently on 20 November. No information has been received about the state
of health of Hüseyin Toraman, who suffers from asthma and a slipped disc.
FURTHER RECOMMENDED ACTION: Telegrams/telexes/faxes/express and airmail
- pointing out that under the Turkish Criminal Procedure Code, the maximum
term of police custody is 15 days;
-urging that Hüseyin Toraman be immediately brought before a judge for formal
arrest or be released.
1) Minister of the Interior:
Mr _smet Sezgin Dear Minister
_çi_leri Bakanl___
06644 Ankara, Turkey
Telegrams: Interior Minister, Ankara, Turkey
Telexes: 46369 ICSL TR
Faxes:+90 4 118 1795
+90 4 125 6520 (Ministry of the Interior)
2) Istanbul Chief of Police:
Mr Mehmet Agar Dear Sir
Istanbul Emniyet Müdürü
Istanbul, Turkey
Telegrams: Emniyet Muduru, Istanbul, Turkey
Telexes: 30811 IEHM TR; 30812 EMMH TR; 26177 IEMT TR
Faxes: + 90 1 526 8100 (Police Press Office)
COPIES TO: Diplomatic representatives of Turkey in your country.
PLEASE SEND APPEALS IMMEDIATELY. Check with the International Secretariat,
or your section office, if sending appeals after 2 January 1992.

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