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Turkey: Further information on fear of "disappearance" / fear of torture

, Index number: EUR 44/149/1996

Nesime Sevinc (f), Tarik Dolan, Murathan Besenk (or Basenk), Cemal Ayyildiz, Iskender Azizoglu, Huseyin Akdogan; new name: Nejdet Ozdemir and another person (name unknown): Fears for people in unacknowledged detention, as the above, have been heightened by the recent discovery of nine corpses in the Diyarbakir region. In addition, Murathan Basenk's mother stated that on 18 September the police raided her son's house and set up a police station there. For three days Basenk's wife and son (aged one) were held because of the police occupying the house.

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