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Further information on UA 286/94 (EUR 44/66/94, 22 July and follow-ups EUR 44/67/94, 26 July, EUR 44/79/94, 10 August and EUR 44/100/94, 19 September) - Turkey: torture / fear of torture / arbitrary detention: Cemil Timur, Zeydin Timur, Sevket Timur, Hasa

, Index number: EUR 44/137/1994

This update to UA 286/94 deals with a letter sent by the State Minister for Human Rights to a number of UA participants. The minister claims that an investigation was made but could not confirm "... the existence of the villages and people mentioned in your letter. Furthermore, we haven't found and indications proving the precision (sic) of the event ...". This update refers to several sources which could have provided the Minister with information about the events described in the previous appeals and urges once more that an investigatio be carried out into the alleged arbitrary detention of some 300 Kurdish families in the Mezraa containment area.

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