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Further information on UA 320/91 (EUR 44/128/91, 30 September) - Turkey: fear of torture: Yusufhan Zorba, Mehmet Sirin Zorba, Senar Turgut, Gurbet . .. , Muhittin Aksin, Sakir Kanat, Cemal Kocak, Semsettin Kocak, Huseyin Karakoyun, Sehmuz Karakoyun, Hayre

, Index number: EUR 44/136/1991


EXTERNAL (for general distribution) AI Index: EUR 44/136/91
Distr: UA/SC
11 October 1991
Further information on UA 320/91 (EUR 44/128/91, 30 September 1991) - Fear
of Torture
Yusufhan Zorba, Board member of Van branch of the Turkish Human Rights
Association (IHD) said to be have been severely tortured
Mehmet _irin Zorba, uncle of Yusufhan Zorba
_enar Turgut, producer of the film "Siyabed-u Xeco", based on a Kurdish
Gurbet ... (female)
Muhittin Aksin
_akir Kanat, member of Van branch of IHD, said to have been severely
Cemal Koçak, member of Van branch of IHD
_emsettin Koçak (aged 70), father of Cemal Koçak)
Hüseyin Karakoyun
_ehmuz Karakoyun
Hayrettin Yacan
Salih Ba__
Tevfik Kalkan
Mehmet Nihat Çener
After being detained in September, all of the above with the exception of
_emsettin Koçak were formally arrested by a judge in Van on 9 October 1991.
The prosecutor stated that 16 people had been detained in the operation, and
that 14 had been formally arrested, and charged with membership of or offering
shelter and assistance to, the Kurdish Workers' Party (PKK). _emsettin Koçak,
who was released, is reported to be in very poor physical condition, with
bruising around the chest, and suspected cracked rib. All those arrested were
held in Van Closed Prison until 11 October when they were transferred to
Diyarbakir where they will stand trial in the State Security Court.
The film "Siyabend-u Xece", for which _enar Turgut wrote the script and
was helping to produce, was a love story in the Kurdish language, set against
the social background of southeast Turkey, and is based on a book of the same
name which was previously banned. The filming was allegedly nearing completion
when _enar Turgut was detained.
_enar Turgut's lawyer was permitted to see him on 30 September and 2
October, but on both occasions the interviews were held under the supervision
of police officers. When the lawyer asked the prosecutor to arrange a
confidential interview with her client, he reportedly stated that even being
permitted to see him was a big achievement and almost unheard of in Van. The
lawyer was not permitted to attend the interrogation by the judge prior to
formal arrest.
Those who observed the detainees being brought to court said that some
of them seemed to have difficulty in walking. It is alleged that detainees
were subjected to beating, cold water under pressure, electric shocks and being
hit with sandbags suspended from the ceiling. All detainees were taken for
medical examination immediately prior to their appearance in court, but proper
consultation and medical examination was not possible since the detainees were
accompanied by police into the doctor's room.
Please do not send any further appeals. The fear of torture is now past.
Thanks to all those who took part in the action. Amnesty International will
monitor the case and give the UA network further information as soon as it
becomes available.

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