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Further information about UA 342/94 (EUR 44/99/94, 16 September) - Turkey: fear of torture: Musa Ulusoylu, Ozer Akdemir, Mehmet Ali Gurel, Aysenur Ilkiz, Devrim Osman Celebioglu, Mujdat Yilmaz, Emine Ogun Yilmaz

, Index number: EUR 44/133/1994

AI has learned that Musa Ulusoylu, Ozer Akdemir, Aysenur Ilkiz, Mudjat Yilmaz and Emine Yilmaz have all been formally arrested. There is no further information about Mehmet Ali Gurel or Devrim Osman Celebioglu. AI is assuming that they have been released.

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