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Turkey: Further information on fear of torture / health concern: Dr Munsif Cetin

, Index number: EUR 44/126/1996

The above, a 32-year-old doctor, head of Dagkapi Health Centre in Diyarbakir, was released on 22 August 1996.

EXTERNAL AI Index: EUR 44/126/96
22 August 1996
Further information on EXTRA 135/96 (EUR 44/125/96, 20 August 1996) - Fear
of torture / Health concern
TURKEYDr Münsif Çetin, aged 32, head of Da_kap_ Health Centre in Diyarbak_r
Dr Münsif Çetin telephoned Amnesty International one hour after his release
today, 22 August, to tell that he was free and well, and to thank all who had
appealed on his behalf.
Although he has frequent kidney problems, he did not need medication
immediately, and he had not been tortured. Detention conditions, however, were
harsh and not enough food was provided. No charges were brought against him.
No further action by the UA Network is requested.

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