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Further information on UA 355/92 (EUR 44/124/92, 13 November) - Turkey: fear of torture / "disappearance" / extrajudicial execution: Mehmet Akan, Mehmet Akkum, Ahmet Akkum, Selahattin Akkum, Selahattin Akelma, Zulfu Aktut, Mehdi Ceylan, Zulkuf Cansever, A

, Index number: EUR 44/126/1992

AI has learned that the body of 25-year-old shepherd Mehmet Akkum was found on 17 November 1992, dumped in a cemetery in Elazig about 140 km from Kursunlu village. He had been detained on 10 November 1992 along with another shepherd, 70-year-old Mehmet Akan, whose body was found in the fields shortly afterwards. Mehmet Akkum's body showed signs of severe torture and was mutilated. The other villagers named above remain "disappeared". They are believed to be in unacknowledged incommunicado detention in Diyarbakir and there is grave concern for their safety.

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